The conference we never wanted to end… how would it look like? The one we’d anxiously be waiting to start every time?…

This is the question we set out to answer in 2012 at Mozaic Works. We are a team of experienced agile-lean developers, trainers, and coaches. We wanted to design an event we too would be aching to attend and we even created a manifesto that distils our thoughts.

Inspired by events we love to attend, like SoCraTes or ALE, we created the I T.A.K.E. Unconference. We decided on a format with more traditional sessions, like talks and mini-workshops but we also added sessions where you take full advantage of the massive brainpower of your peers: Open Space, Product Development, Kata Lounge or Code with a Stranger.

The unconference grew in 4 years from 150 to almost 300 participants from 15 countries.

We are looking forward to welcoming 300 people in 2017, but we don’t want to grow I T.A.K.E. much more in order to retain one characteristic our attendees hold dear: the feeling of a community of peers who learn together.

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