Trouble deciding which sessions to attend? The program is created to target the main roles in technical companies.
When the program is done you’ll see the recommended sessions for each persona.


albert Albert the Architect

  • Designs scalable systems and communicates their architecture
  • Maintains architectural integrity to allow easy addition of new features
  • Finds new ideas on how to balance performance, security, usability, reliability, etc.
  • Teaches the others architecture, design patterns, architecture patterns

carol Carol the CTO

  • Aligns business needs with technical strategy
  • Is responsible for quality, secure software
  • Evaluates appropriate technology platforms
  • Identifies technology trends

chris Chris the Craftsman Programmer

  • Wants to write quality code faster
  • Experiments and learns new techniques
  • Enjoys hanging around his peers
  • Is curious about how others work

cristina Cristina the Technical Co-Founder

  • Aims to build products/services that customers love
  • Defines technical architecture, strategy, design policies
  • Works side by side with programmers
  • Balances time to market with technical risks

diana Diana the DevOps

  • Aims to simplify deployment, configuration and monitoring
  • Works with programmers to ensure smooth releases
  • Wants to simplify the resolution of production issues

megan Megan the Manager

  • Manages projects
  • Leads by example
  • Grows happy teams
  • Implements metrics to measure and improve performance

tamara Tamara the Team Leader

  • Challenges the status quo with new ideas
  • Monitors the code quality
  • Has a big toolbox for solving technical problems
  • Researches tools to improve productivity

tudor Tudor the Technical Consultant

  • Wonders what are the emerging techniques
  • Informs people about suitable practices
  • Works closely with the development team
  • Advises on the technical strategy

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